How does a contractor parapet a wall design in a Building Construction?

parapet in building construction nyc

The parapet wall construction on a roof is essential to the structure in order to protect and ensure the safety of the occupants who live there and to improve the structure’s aesthetic appearance from the outside. Therefore, every home must have its own terrace, which can be used for a variety of activities such as sitting, walking, and other recreational activities. In the absence of a parapet roof wall, humans are at risk of falling from great heights.

It is also necessary to safeguard the interior space of the building’s terraces. The parapet walls construction ensures the safety of the roof’s occupants.

However, the contractor does consider some points mentioned below when designing a brick parapet wall:

  • 3 feet is the mandatory height of the parapet.
  • 9 inches’ thickness of the wall.
  • Venting walls to each of the cavities.
  • Cover up any venting holes not needed so that bugs and insects don’t get in.
  • To keep moisture away from the parapet masonry, wall, wall-penetration flashing should be installed beneath the mortar bed.
  • Cover up any venting holes not needed so that bugs and insects don’t get in.
  • Use round soffit vents to dissipate rainwater, especially if the venting holes are in exposed areas.
  • It is critical to keep the wall separate from interior spaces such as plumbing systems, electrical wiring, and terrace farming, among other things.

The purpose of parapet in building construction is:

    • To provide protection from roof surface.
    • Dust prevention from roof top.
    • To anchoring excessive wind from roof top.
    • To prevent falling of objects from roof top

A Concrete Sidewalk Contractor Services you can Trust in NYC!

sidewalk contractor NYC

It’s usual to need concrete sidewalk repairs on your location in NYC since, let’s face it – nothing lasts evermore, even sturdy materials like concrete.

The Melange Restoration Inc. is excellent sidewalk contractor in NYC. We earn the trust providing excellent and up-to the mark for concrete sidewalk repair.

Why You Need Sidewalk Repairs?

It might aggravate you to know that even though there’s a lot you can do to protect your concrete, it’s still predictable that repair will be needed at some point.

There are some problems that come along with sidewalk damage, such as:

  • Lower property value
  • Possibility of DOT violations
  • Dexterous danger
  • Decreased curb appeal

Unfortunately, you can’t stay away from sidewalk damage, but being in the know about what can initiate it is the next best thing so you can progress on sidewalk repairs when are needed.

If you are concerned about what bring about the most common sidewalk damages? It includes:

  • Constant Traffic
  • Tree Roots
  • Age
  • Temperature Changes
  • Shifting & Settling Ground

Sidewalk Repairs in NYC

Sidewalks are a critical part of everyday pedestrian travel in New York City. People walk, run, rides bicycle, skate, skip and play relentlessly. But if these sidewalks aren’t in perfect condition, they could encourage an unsafe situation.

Damaged or cracked sidewalks and more could cause public safety concerns through walking risks. Melange Restoration Inc Sidewalk Contractors NYC and general contractor is the professional sidewalk contractor offering all of the following services to keep the sidewalks safe:

  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Sidewalk Contractors
  • Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Cement Repair Contractors
  • Walkway Repair
  • Driveway Replacement
  • Sidewalk Replacement Contractors
  • Sidewalk Curb Contractors
  • Steel Face Curb Contractors
  • Concrete Curb Contractors
  • DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

No issue for us about how a sidewalk area comes to need repairs, the professionals at Melange Restoration Inc. Sidewalk Contractors NYC and concrete construction can take care of them for you. We are devoted to endowing with the best services and consequences for this significant part of your property. As the leading sidewalk contractor in NYC, we want to go beyond your expectations from start to end. Call us today if you have a sidewalk that needs repairs from the epoch, temperature changes, tree roots or more.

5 Simple Steps of Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing NYC

Before you venture into local basement waterproofing, you should comprehend why it might be damp in the first place. Since most basements in NYC are below the ground, they are more horizontal to gather excess moisture and suffering water damage.

Melange Restoration Inc. carries premium products and professional experiences to provide basement waterproof in NYC. Depending on your level of expertise and the issues you are experiencing on your property, it may be suitable to hire professionals to handle this.

Here we are penning down simple steps as a guide for you!

Common Reasons of Wet Basement:

  • Poor drainage is a major cause of a wet basement. When flooded water not correctly directed away from your home, it will sit at the house’s basement and seep into the basement.
  • Improperly installed or blocked gutters or even sloping around your home is distressing. If your land has sloped toward your home, water will run toward and collect around your house’s basement.
  • Cracks in a house’s basement are a definite way for water to dribble in through your basement walls and floors.
  • The doors, windows, and wells of basement that aren’t secure are other ways for water leakage.

The basement is said to be the main part of any home. But as a basement of a house shifts and settles into the earth, cracks will inevitably develop and water can seep in, resulting in a wet basement.

Typically, these cracks can be fixed with simple basement waterproofing solutions. There are a few possible interior and exterior waterproofing cases where a contractor required to repair major basement damages, or a hired professional would recommend remodeling your waterproof system.

Though, here, we’ll focus on what you, as an owner, can do for interior waterproofing.

Before Starting

Before you start basement waterproofing from walls, you want to know from where your water is coming.

Sometimes the cause of your basement problems is apparent, such as detectable water striped coming down from windows, walls, or around pipes.

But if a whole concrete wall considers damp, tumble a large part, tape an open area foot piece of foil over that stain, and check for a reduction on the inside of the foil after a day.

If the foil is damp, it is likely that you have water seeping in through your basement walls. If the foil is dry, the water is beginning away, and you’ll need to inspect further.

1: Clean the Affected Area

First, you have to clean up the areas you are going to be waterproof. Many of the waterproofing methods can be used directly to the substrate. So, if there are any existing coatings on the surface, wall, or floor, they should remove.

2: Block the Holes

For any holes, use hydraulic cement to block any visible holes and large cracks. Hydraulic cement seals the cracks and holes in masonry and stops water flow through them, even under pressure.

3: Fill out the Cracks

After blocking the holes, it’s time to fill out small cracks with masonry crack filler.

4:  Seal Openings

Through caulking doors, windows, and window walls can be sealed. The elastic sealant, such as Big Stretch Sealant or Lexel Sealant, both are waterproofing substances and flexible in use.

5: Apply Waterproof Coating

After the cracks and holes sealed, use a waterproof coating on your basement exterior. Apply the concrete sealer and make sure to work it into the pores of the masonry.

Proper coverage and a minimum of two coats must required to guarantee waterproofing.

Reading all the points, one may consider handling basement waterproofing. But a professional waterproofing contractor makes this hassle simpler.

Melange Restoration Inc. waterproofing contractors presenting professional services in all major areas of NYC, such as Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. To get more updates and success stories of Melange Restoration Inc. follow our social links of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

More Tips on Basement Waterproofing During Construction

waterproofing contractor NYC

Whether you want to construct your residential or commercial building, you will have to open the doors of your chest box in which you keep your years of savings.

Apart from the construction expenses, you will also need time and energy to keep your eyes on workers to make sure that the tasks are being done as required or not.

Basement waterproofing is a vital part of the construction. Even if your basement has never experienced a water increase, there’s always remains a chance that it will. That area of the building is horizontal to constant dampness and flooding.

Water can get in through cracks in the basement windows, base, or walls, causing problems such as damaged carpets or floor, musty odors, and shape.

Who wants to face problems like a wet basement, growth of yeast on exterior walls, and roof leakage, etc.?

No one!

Everyone wants to be away from such a worst construction problem. If you also wanted to be away from it, you have to consider and follow the following tips of basement waterproofing during construction.

In this blog, you will learn useful tips and tricks that you can adopt for waterproofing during constructions.

Tips for Basement Waterproofing

Although water damage recovery and basement repair should be hand over to waterproofing contractors, there are various waterproofing techniques the experts can use and control to stop basement flooding and decrease the risk that comes along with dampness.

Make use of these basement waterproofing tips to keep the area dehydrated and comfortable:

Pick Waterproof Carpeting Materials

A wrapped facade can dampen if your basement has water problems. Auspiciously, there are steps you can take to protect them from holes and standing water.

If you have discovered floors, a waterproof layer could be a wise choice if your basement has flooded previously or has mold and mold problems.

Apply Sealant to Walls and Floor for Basement Waterproofing

Cracks can, at times, be seen in concrete or cemented walls. These cracks permit water to leak in from the outside.

First of all, inspect the paint. If it is peeling, go over to inspect if there are any cracks under that are leasing the dampness in.

Before waterproofing the basement walls, clean and prep the surface to eliminate any dump. Apply a fine layer of waterproof sealant and let it dry completely before re-painting.

Keep Wood Surfaces and Water Separate

Dry decay can be found in damp areas that fix with wooden surfaces and structures, particularly floorboards and support beams. Consider separating the wood from the surface around the basement to reduce the danger of dry decay.

Use Dehumidifier

If your basement waterproofing work leads you toward mold and yeast cleaning, that is foul-smelling work. A dehumidifier component will be your rescuer. Dehumidifiers persuade dampness out of the air before it can destroy walls, paint, and fixtures.

Explore the Outdoor water damage problems

Even though style, paint peeling, and dry decay may show internally. External elements are numerous that lead to the problem.

For basement waterproofing, make sure to test drains and gutters for dribbles, which can cause water to stream toward the premises.

The compensation of waterproofing is more than just repairs and damage fixes, waterproofing can provide you with composure.

If you are having constant problems, there could be a range of reasons that are still out of your control.

Controlling these basement waterproofing problems takes professional tools and experience, so it is best to connect with professional for service or advice.

Melange Restoration Inc. is a licensed waterproofing contractor in NYC. Our team members have the proper certifications to take care of any job safely and thoroughly. As the well-known general contractor company in NYC, our goal is to get your home back to its pre-damage state, which helps to increase its resale value and appeal and allows you to move forward without hassle or worries. Explore our latest project updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


How to Get Professional General Contractor Services in NYC

Genral Contractor NYC

Building a new house in New York City is one of the trickiest tasks for every homeowner. NYC is already a developed and intimated city. For this, you need to talk about it to your neighbors and local general contractors in NYC, and city officials to get started with your construction project.

Though, professionals need to take charge of construction projects!

Whether you are looking to do a simple kitchen remodel or a baseboard-to-ceiling restoration of your home, your approval and good sense will directly connect to your ability to hire a skilled, dependable, and honest contractor.

Top general contractors in NYC suggested as they will save your adequate time included with the construction process.

Whether you need help with construction planning, preparing a schedule, materials, or handling local government offices, and skilled contractors can assist everything for you.

Top-notch general contractors in NYC, such as Melange Restoration Inc., know how to handle responsibilities accurately and are good at managing the time spent remodeling a home or an apartment building.

Melange Restoration Inc. General Contractors NYC

Most licensed general contractors, like Melange Restoration Inc., provide warranties for work.

Apartment building and building restoration service in NYC is a challenging job. If you don’t hire professional contractors, the chances are that it will poorly impact the quality feature of construction.

It’s better to trust the professionals with extensive experience and expertise of remodeling projects of all kinds, either home or building restoration.

As the top listed name in the list of general contractors NYC, Melange Restoration Inc. endows quality of work. Our workforce can meet the deadline with the excellence of construction work. We are available 24/7 through email and call.

For more information, contact us today, and for a quick update, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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Classification of Buildings Following Local Law 11 FISP Cycles

Local Law 11 Facade

The conditions of any building are classified as unsafe, Safe, or safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program. This program also known as SWARMP. For this, one inspection cycle must be correctly proceeding to the “Recommended Repair Date” in the Local Law 11 FISP Cycles report.

Building conditions recognized as unsafe must be correct on an accelerated basis. Conditions identified as safe and sound according to SWARMP. But, not later than the filing closing date of the following inspection cycle.

The word “Safe” is distinct as a condition of a building wall, the appurtenances, or any part thereof. It is not involving repair or protection to maintain the structural reliability of the exterior of the building. For that a proof required that will not become dangerous during the next five years.

An unsafe condition defined as “A condition of a building wall. It is dangerous to persons or assets and requires a quick repair.”

Moreover, any condition that been submit as SWAMP in a preceding Local Law 11 FISP cycle that has not to be approve at the time of inspection. It shall be reported in the “Critical Examination Report” filed with the Department of Building (DOB) in the following cycle as an unsafe situation.

For example:

FISP Cycle 8 (SWARMP) situation that have not been mended at the time the FISP Cycle 9 “Critical Examination Report” filed with the DOB must be reported as Unsafe.

Melange Restoration Inc. Local Law 11 FISP Cycles

Unsafe Conditions (Extensions of Time)

When the DOB has reported of unsafe condition compliance with §103-04 Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Building require the building owner do the following:

  • Immediately install public safety measures (construction fence, sidewalk shed)
  • When the unsafe conditions have corrected, file an Amended FISP Critical Examination the Report with the DOB within 15 days
  • Mainly unsafe building conditions cannot be accurate within the fixed 90 days
  • Developments required to be transform until the unsafe conditions have been adequately correct. For that an improved critical examination report should submit and accepted by the DOB
  • For buildings labeled as Unsafe, the QEWI must provide a suggested time-frame for repairs to be complete to bring the building to SWARMP

Reporting Requirements

  • The report must hold all the compulsory information
  • The report must be submit with the DOB within 2 months of the conclusion of the final visual inspection
  • Endorsed in Local Law 11 FISP Cycle 9, there will be a new requirement that building owners post and maintain the building’s facade condition

How a Sidewalk Contractor Estimates Large Size Area Project

Whenever the time comes to fix the pathway, it may be difficult for a sidewalk contractor Bronx NYC. This is because to estimate the costs for repairing a large area. Especially when a factor comes such as the level of condition is put into play.

The primary goal of any construction company is to do a preface inspection of the sidewalk conditions on site. This would be done to generate a standard so that contractors may then have a cost estimating tool. That can facilitate estimating the costs of repairing sidewalks over a large area of sidewalk.

The main reason major cities of NYC can be slow to repair damaged sidewalks is the high initial cost of sidewalk repair and replacement. There is a need for a cost estimation tool that can calculate the cost of repair for a large sidewalk area based on the precise input of the project.

Many different variables can significantly impact the cost to repair a large sidewalk area, and it is very important to account for all of them.

One factor is the cost per square foot for replacement. Either the project is the new construction or replacement of an existing slab or something that can affect this number.

The sidewalk contractor Bronx NYC estimates the cost for new construction of the sidewalk as 8USD per square foot approx, but the removal and dumping require another 1USD per square foot. That may seem insignificant, but for the replacement of 1 mile of 5-foot wide sidewalk, this makes a difference of 26,400USD approx. 

The addition of slopes, curbs, and crosswalks will also an impact on the cost of per square foot. That will need to comprise any cost estimation tool.

It can be costly to replace an entire area of sidewalk. Choose which panels need replacement or repair is crucial to estimating the cost.

Sidewalk ADA in NYC

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sets rules and regulations for what has measured as a safe and usable sidewalk. Most cities have some plan to work towards total ADA fulfillment, and it is the main incentive behind sidewalk repair Queens, NYC.

The act focuses on worsening types that are likely to cause damage to the movement of a wheelchair or pedestrian. New York Cities often create a scale for measuring sidewalk area condition.

Currently, the most common approach to analyzing sidewalks and creating a cost estimate is manually recording the condition of each sidewalk area.

For more sidewalk project updates visit Melange Restoration Inc. Facebook

Sidewalk Measuring Tools

With the References of:

Bennet, B. (n.d.). “Sidewalk Network Inventory and Assessment FOR THE CHAMPAIGN URBANA URBANIZED AREA.” (2016)

The tools used include

  • Measuring wheels
  • Smart-slope meter
  • Tablet computer

This measuring process requires more effort, and there is plenty of possible for improvement. One alternative method of sidewalk inspection is the use of an Ultra-Light Inertial Profiler (ULIP).

A ULIP Segway equipped with different sensors that aid in sidewalk inspection. Sidewalk cross slope, running slope and bumps.


Why Avail General Contractors’ Services of Specialized Facade Restoration

facade restoration contractors nyc

facade restoration contractors nyc

The façade of any newly constructed building requires particular attention as it is considered to deteriorate faster than any other portion of a building. Many reasons are there for being susceptible to their damage as these parts of buildings are sailed through different weather’s effects.

The glint of a building is destroyed because of facades getting susceptible to ice, snow, and rain. As weather water causes damages to it, in the same way much exposure to the sun contributes to making it vulnerable.

Why Exterior Restoration Is Mandatory

As it is mandatory to have a well-versed and experienced facade restoration contractors nyc, it should also be observed whether they are fulfilling the demands of being the best exterior contractors as well.

It will be of great help to give you an apt idea of what should be addressed if you are approaching to the experts. Facade restoration plays a vital role to elevate the beauty of the buildings and doing it on time is a wise decision.

Moreover, they provide structural support besides aesthetic benefits, and performing repairs and addressing issues to keep the building well-maintained is necessary to be saved from great damage and future losses as well.

The building has to go through multiple challenges from weather that affects a lot to vanish its attractiveness if proper upkeep is not done. It’s the responsibility of a responsible homeowner, to make sure whether all the areas of the building are getting analyzed by facade restoration contractors nyc.

Whether the residential or commercial building, the first impression is always what captures the attention of the people passing by that building. If you hire any restoration contractor without any expertise, you will find the exterior of the building looking ruined.

A trustworthy general contractor company will always lead you to the best services by providing the skilled workers who have façade restoration work specialists with them. They are capable not only to construct but also repair and do restorations work within the deadline.

It is the extensively engaging discussion with tears and wears of exterior building facades from time to time. But when it comes to restoring any property, it is essential to choose a licensed and reputed company.

By choosing high-quality services, you can be sure to have the required results with their efficient services. Amidst the general contractors NY, Melange Restoration Inc. is a well-known company with a team of experts. They are equipped with the latest tools and well-experienced experts to provide their best services, and your convenience. After dealing with different building management firms, well-known architects, engineers and property owners, they specialize in all kinds of facade restoration contractors nyc.­­

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Options to Retain and Repair the Building Basement Waterproofing

hire waterproofing contractors in nyc

hire waterproofing contractors in nyc

When you have basement moisture problems, there are some useful options to deal with them.

You could grub up the storage area around your building basement waterproofing and apply a moisture wall to keep water from inflowing immediately.

But, this is a huge and costly project that is not possible for most of the home-owners in NYC.

You could also use basement waterproofing and sealing materials to the inner walls. Though, this won’t proceed more than a decade before water starts seeping through all over again.

The second option is to set up French sap and a weeping hole to direct that excess water out of the basement using the sump pump.

This procedure can work inside in a moderately short period but remains with capable, long-lasting results.

Building Basement Repair Options

Here’s how it’s done:

  • A 12-inch width section of the concrete floor around the perimeter of the basement  removed.
  • A trench dug into the ground underneath to provide room for the drain.
  • Drainage holes drilled into the foundation walls below floor level.
  • A layer of gravel spread over the exposed ground.
  • A perforated metal drainage pipe or flat, wide tube placed on the gravel.
  • More gravel placed on top of the metal tube.
  • A layer of concrete can be reapplied over this to restore the floor.
  • Basement crack repair performed to restore the walls.

The French drain will collect all of the water that comes out of the weeping holes and direct it towards your sump pump.

If your foundation is in need of some, consult Melange Restoration Inc. in New York City for the best basement waterproofing services and solutions.

As Melange Restoration Inc. is one of the leading waterproofing companies in NYC, we can help with basement waterproofing and repairing now to stop moisture and cracking in the future. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started with a free quote right away.

General Contractors Services of Roofing and Concrete Maintenance

Melange Restoration Inc.

General Contractors nyc

For over the year, contractors have been proudly serving the roofing, concrete and preferred development requirements of New York City residents and enterprise owners.

They fulfill the customers’ necessities presenting them with repairs and renovations. Professional roofing repair and general contractors in NYC are astoundingly familiar with roofing requirements currently.

The general contractors offer the top quality of materials and the satisfying workmanship on the way to meet your roofing and concrete construction requirements.

The Hiring of General Contractors for Roofing Services

If it’s a new roof construction that you’re looking for, identify the advanced group of roofing and basement waterproofing contractors. Contracting firms build the new roof that meets the requirements of your new home construction.

The contracting services provide skilled and certified roofing specialists for new roof construction as well. Irrespective of what it’s wanted for, new residential or industrial, they are able to create it the usage of the quality roofing materials feasible.

You’ll be within the high-quality of hands whilst you hire general contractors in NYC to build your new building or home.

Concrete Sidewalk and Façade Services

Concrete is long-lasting and capable of accepting the heavy traffic of vehicles and load that’s placed on it each day. Contractors use the quality material so that they can offer you with an excellent looking driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, and more.

A general contracting company always provides the skilled workforce which has Façade restoration work specialists as well who can construct and repair the building in a given timeframe.

If it’s just concrete repairs you want, they are able to provide that service too. Through their skilled construction work they repair the natural look of your sidewalk even as in use.

Hence, Melange Restoration Inc. is a trusted and licensed company in New You City (NYC). Quality of work is their identity and is specialized in all aspects of exterior and interior construction including roofing, waterproofing, concrete repair, and facade restoration.