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Options to Retain and Repair the Building Basement

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When you have basement moisture problems, there are some useful options to deal with them.

You could grub up the storage area around your basement and apply a moisture wall to keep water from inflowing immediately.

But, this is a huge and costly project that is not possible for most of the home-owners in NYC.

You could also use basement waterproofing and sealing materials to the inner walls. Though, this won’t proceed more than a decade before water starts seeping through all over again.

The second option is to set up French sap and a weeping hole to direct that excess water out of the basement using the sump pump.

This procedure can be done inside in a moderately short period but remains with capable, long-lasting results.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • A 12-inch width section of the concrete floor around the perimeter of the basement is removed.
  • A trench is dug into the ground underneath to provide room for the drain.
  • Drainage holes are drilled into the foundation walls below floor level.
  • A layer of gravel is spread over the exposed ground.
  • A perforated metal drainage pipe or flat, wide tube is placed on the gravel.
  • More gravel is placed on top of the metal tube.
  • A layer of concrete can be reapplied over this to restore the floor.
  • Basement crack repair is performed to restore the walls.

The French drain will collect all of the water that comes out of the weeping holes and direct it towards your sump pump.

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How to Use Moisture Meters during a Building Restoration and Construction

It is probably not possible to deliver the preferred results if you do not have the right equipment for your work of building restoration and construction services in NYC.

Professional skills and experience is the key to success!

Melange Restoration Inc.

When a general construction company the water damage restoration and construction service, it’s significant to have facts and experience to hold on it.

A restoration moisture meter or tools is one of the most valuable construction instruments a professional in this field can have at their dumping for assessing water damage and making the restoration plan.

A water restoration moisture meter calculates the amount of dampness in and location and specific equipment, such as flooring, roofing, drywall or other structural mechanisms.

Without using restoration moisture meters you would be flying blind and have no idea what to do or where to go next.

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Types of Moist Meters or Sensors

Take a look at different types of restoration moisture meters and accessories. As a building restoration service Bronx NY, you will experience that you need only one tool of these or your restoration work may require a number of different types:


These are a subcategory of acute meters and can be used to check how far dampness has gone from the basement. This sensor is not suitable for drywall and calculates the moisture level.

Melange Restoration Inc.


These are used to test whether or not an environment can be effectively dried and measure temperature and relative humidity.

Getting facts though Thermo-Hygrometers, you gain an understanding of whether your dehumidifier is working properly or not.

Penetrating Meters

These meters feature a series of spikes that actually penetrate a surface of the building. Penetrating meters are the best to get accurate measurements of moisture content. This tool is also perfect for locating trapped moisture because of burst pipes or flooding etc.

Non-Penetrating Meters

This type of meter is the best choice if you need an easy to use option. These meters quickly evaluate moisture level between affected and un-affected surface areas.

The non-penetrating meters feature two horizontal sensors, usually located at the bottom of the device which helps to detect the affected area easily.

Slide Hammers

With the use of tandem, a slide hammer works with a penetrating meter. It helps to test whether or not moisture has migrated under a floor either made of wood or wood sub-floor.

How these Meters are Useful?

Let’s come to the subject of “How to use moisture meters during a building restoration and construction?


When you need to provide instant data of moisture level, using these meters you can detect. These moisture meters can also help you understand the scope of building restoration and also a scope of work contract to your client.

You can actually examine a work area based on analysis using a restoration moisture meter. A general contractor in NYC as the Melange Restoration Inc. is the best construction company that helps to detect the damages and provides solutions precisely.

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