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Masonry And Steel Services

Melange Restoration is full-time Masonry And Steel Services provider, who are highly-trained and professionally supervised.

Skylight and Stucco Services

Melange Restoration Inc. provides the contractors services for skylight installation stucco repair and insulation near me in NYC.

Waterproofing And Terraces

Melange Restoration  Company’s dedicated exterior waterproofing team is a group of skilled professionals.


Melange Restoration Provide Lintel Service, Lintels are used to support carry a load over an opening in a wall which generally include door and windows.

Local Law 11

Melange Restoration can assist you with all steps to the Local Law 11 filing and repair process.

Historical Restoration

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.

Why us?

Why Choose Us?

Melange Restoration is an expert in waterproofing,roofing,flooring,siding,Lintels,Local Law 11,concrete and all home construction and restoration services.

Melange Restoration

Melange Restoration is a fully licensed and insured restoration and construction company, and can assist you with a litany of waterproofing services.

Best Facade Renovation

We have a complete and up-to-date product range for external walls and Facades.We are here to help you from the initial phase to the final construction phase.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our focus is about maintenance, repair, and restoration of residential, commercial and industrial properties by offering Life time Guarantee to our  customers .

20 Years Experience

We are specialised in all aspects of exterior and interior construction which  including roofing, waterproofing, concrete repair, and facade restoration. We are a Home / Business restoration company in business for last 14 years.

Great Support

We are not using any Subcontractor we are fully licensed & insured, We do 100%  work ourselves with offering great support.

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