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It’s usual to need concrete sidewalk repairs on your location in NYC since, let’s face it – nothing lasts evermore, even sturdy materials like concrete.

The Melange Restoration Inc. is excellent sidewalk contractor in NYC. We earn the trust providing excellent and up-to the mark for concrete sidewalk repair.

Why You Need Sidewalk Repairs?

It might aggravate you to know that even though there’s a lot you can do to protect your concrete, it’s still predictable that repair will be needed at some point.

There are some problems that come along with sidewalk damage, such as:

  • Lower property value
  • Possibility of DOT violations
  • Dexterous danger
  • Decreased curb appeal

Unfortunately, you can’t stay away from sidewalk damage, but being in the know about what can initiate it is the next best thing so you can progress on sidewalk repairs when are needed.

If you are concerned about what bring about the most common sidewalk damages? It includes:

  • Constant Traffic
  • Tree Roots
  • Age
  • Temperature Changes
  • Shifting & Settling Ground

Sidewalk Repairs in NYC

Sidewalks are a critical part of everyday pedestrian travel in New York City. People walk, run, rides bicycle, skate, skip and play relentlessly. But if these sidewalks aren’t in perfect condition, they could encourage an unsafe situation.

Damaged or cracked sidewalks and more could cause public safety concerns through walking risks. Melange Restoration Inc Sidewalk Contractors NYC and general contractor is the professional sidewalk contractor offering all of the following services to keep the sidewalks safe:

  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Sidewalk Contractors
  • Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Cement Repair Contractors
  • Walkway Repair
  • Driveway Replacement
  • Sidewalk Replacement Contractors
  • Sidewalk Curb Contractors
  • Steel Face Curb Contractors
  • Concrete Curb Contractors
  • DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

No issue for us about how a sidewalk area comes to need repairs, the professionals at Melange Restoration Inc. Sidewalk Contractors NYC and concrete construction can take care of them for you. We are devoted to endowing with the best services and consequences for this significant part of your property. As the leading sidewalk contractor in NYC, we want to go beyond your expectations from start to end. Call us today if you have a sidewalk that needs repairs from the epoch, temperature changes, tree roots or more.

How a Sidewalk Contractor Estimates Large Size Area Project

Whenever the time comes to fix the pathway, it may be difficult for a sidewalk contractor Bronx NYC. This is because to estimate the costs for repairing a large area. Especially when a factor comes such as the level of condition is put into play.

The primary goal of any construction company is to do a preface inspection of the sidewalk conditions on site. This would be done to generate a standard so that contractors may then have a cost estimating tool. That can facilitate estimating the costs of repairing sidewalks over a large area of sidewalk.

The main reason major cities of NYC can be slow to repair damaged sidewalks is the high initial cost of sidewalk repair and replacement. There is a need for a cost estimation tool that can calculate the cost of repair for a large sidewalk area based on the precise input of the project.

Many different variables can significantly impact the cost to repair a large sidewalk area, and it is very important to account for all of them.

One factor is the cost per square foot for replacement. Either the project is the new construction or replacement of an existing slab or something that can affect this number.

The sidewalk contractor Bronx NYC estimates the cost for new construction of the sidewalk as 8USD per square foot approx, but the removal and dumping require another 1USD per square foot. That may seem insignificant, but for the replacement of 1 mile of 5-foot wide sidewalk, this makes a difference of 26,400USD approx. 

The addition of slopes, curbs, and crosswalks will also an impact on the cost of per square foot. That will need to comprise any cost estimation tool.

It can be costly to replace an entire area of sidewalk. Choose which panels need replacement or repair is crucial to estimating the cost.

Sidewalk ADA in NYC

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sets rules and regulations for what has measured as a safe and usable sidewalk. Most cities have some plan to work towards total ADA fulfillment, and it is the main incentive behind sidewalk repair Queens, NYC.

The act focuses on worsening types that are likely to cause damage to the movement of a wheelchair or pedestrian. New York Cities often create a scale for measuring sidewalk area condition.

Currently, the most common approach to analyzing sidewalks and creating a cost estimate is manually recording the condition of each sidewalk area.

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Sidewalk Measuring Tools

With the References of:

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The tools used include

  • Measuring wheels
  • Smart-slope meter
  • Tablet computer

This measuring process requires more effort, and there is plenty of possible for improvement. One alternative method of sidewalk inspection is the use of an Ultra-Light Inertial Profiler (ULIP).

A ULIP Segway equipped with different sensors that aid in sidewalk inspection. Sidewalk cross slope, running slope and bumps.