Classification of Buildings Following Local Law 11 FISP Cycles

The conditions of any building are classified as unsafe, Safe, or safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program. This program also known as SWARMP. For this, one inspection cycle must be correctly proceeding to the “Recommended Repair Date” in the Local Law 11 FISP Cycles report.

Building conditions recognized as unsafe must be correct on an accelerated basis. Conditions identified as safe and sound according to SWARMP. But, not later than the filing closing date of the following inspection cycle.

The word “Safe” is distinct as a condition of a building wall, the appurtenances, or any part thereof. It is not involving repair or protection to maintain the structural reliability of the exterior of the building. For that a proof required that will not become dangerous during the next five years.

An unsafe condition defined as “A condition of a building wall. It is dangerous to persons or assets and requires a quick repair.”

Moreover, any condition that been submit as SWAMP in a preceding Local Law 11 FISP cycle that has not to be approve at the time of inspection. It shall be reported in the “Critical Examination Report” filed with the Department of Building (DOB) in the following cycle as an unsafe situation.

For example:

FISP Cycle 8 (SWARMP) situation that have not been mended at the time the FISP Cycle 9 “Critical Examination Report” filed with the DOB must be reported as Unsafe.

Unsafe Conditions (Extensions of Time)

When the DOB has reported of unsafe condition compliance with §103-04 Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Building require the building owner do the following:

  • Immediately install public safety measures (construction fence, sidewalk shed)
  • When the unsafe conditions have corrected, file an Amended FISP Critical Examination the Report with the DOB within 15 days
  • Mainly unsafe building conditions cannot be accurate within the fixed 90 days
  • Developments required to be transform until the unsafe conditions have been adequately correct. For that an improved critical examination report should submit and accepted by the DOB
  • For buildings labeled as Unsafe, the QEWI must provide a suggested time-frame for repairs to be complete to bring the building to SWARMP

Reporting Requirements

  • The report must hold all the compulsory information
  • The report must be submit with the DOB within 2 months of the conclusion of the final visual inspection
  • Endorsed in Local Law 11 FISP Cycle 9, there will be a new requirement that building owners post and maintain the building’s facade condition