Our Services


Plaza and  decks are subject to some of the most accelerated and vigorous deterioration and distress of any structural system.Upgrading certain exterior aspects of a building can impact the appearance and perception of the entire building.

Melange Restoration INC constantly strive to offer our clients a full range of decks and plaza services to help them upgrade and renew the exterior appearance of their properties.


Melange Restoration INC having main focus for Historic Preservation and Specialty Construction. We are committed to preserving the past by using the most modern products, technologies and construction solutions currently available to preserve and protect New York City’s architectural heritage.

Restoring any part of a façade, terra cotta, limestone, brownstone, marble, granite, sandstone, metal, cornice, or other decorative element on a landmarked property involves being able to repair it while retaining the original design and integrity of the structure.


Melange Restoration Provide Lintel Service, Lintels are used to support carry a load over an opening in a wall which generally include door and windows,Lintel repair is a common practice in New York City  as most buildings have the brick facade that requires steel lintels above the windows. If your building needs lintel repair, Melange Restoration will  set up the necessary scaffolding equipment, remove the old bricks, replace the steel lintel and membrane, and rebuild the brick facade.


Melange Restoration can assist you with all steps to the Local Law 11 filing and repair process, ensuring that your building remains up to code and that any necessary repairs are made swiftly and at minimal inconvenience to you or your tenants.


Melange Restoration  is full-time masonry crews are dedicated experts who are highly-trained and professionally supervised.  They bring their technical skills to every project we work on to deliver an on-time project with strict attention to aesthetics and compliance. we always provide a safe environment for all of our projects for repairing the underlying steel, replacing bricks and rusted lintels, and installing new waterproofing. Scaffolding and sidewalk sheds are erected and maintained to support our workers and provide for the public’s safety.


Replacing or repairing a stained and damaged sidewalk can create a new, more positive image for the building as a whole.  Melange Restoration INC  can repair cracks, scaling, heaving, and spalling in any concrete sidewalk.